Doc. Mgr. Peter Halama, PhD 


Researcher and university lecturer


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Senior researcher, Institute of Experimental Psychology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia
Associate professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Trnava University in Trnava, Slovakia


Institute of Experimental Psychology
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Dúbravská cesta 9                                       
813 64 Bratislava, Slovakia

Department of Psychology
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Trnava                
Hornopotočná 23                                        
918 43 Trnava, Slovakia




Institute of Experimental Psychology

Department of Psychology, University of Trnava

Studia Psychologica

Slovak Psychological Society



International Association for the Psychology of Religion



Research and publications in English


Research interests:
- meaning in life, hope and quality of life and mental health,
- personality factors in decision making
- psychology of religion - psychological aspects of religious conversion, personality and religiosity
- attachment in adulthood
- psychometrics and theory of psychological assessment

Articles in peer reviewed journals

Halama, P. (in press) Empirical Approach to Typology of Religious Conversion. Pastoral Psychology.

Kamhalová, I., Halama, P., Gurňáková, J. (2013) Affect regulation and decision making in health-care professionals: Typology approach. Studia Psychologica, 54, 3, 181-194.

Pitel, L., Madarasova Geckova, A., Kolarcik, P., Halama, P., Reijneveld, S.A., van Dijk, J.P. (2012) Gender differences in the relationship between religiosity and health-related behaviour among adolescents. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 66, 12, 1122–1128.

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Žitný, P., Halama, P., Jelínek, M., Květon, P. (2012) Validity of cognitive ability tests - comparison of computerized adaptive testing with paper and pencil and computer-based forms of administrations. Studia Psychologica. 54, 3 , 181-194..

Halama, P., Lačná, M. (2011) Personality change following religious conversion: perception of converts and their close acquaintances. Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 14, 8, 757–768..

Žitný, P., Halama, P. (2011) Self-esteem, locus of control, and personality traits as predictors of sensitivity to injustice . Studia Psychologica, 53, 1, 27-40.

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Halama, P. (2005) Relationship between meaning in life and the big five personality traits in young adults and the elderly. Studia Psychologica, 47, 3, 167-178.

Halama, P., Halamová, J. (2005), Process of religious conversion in the Catholic charismatic movement. Archive for the Psychology of Religion, 26, 69-91.

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Halama, P. (2003) Meaning and hope – two factors of positive psychological functioning in late adulthood. Studia Psychologica, 45, 2, 103-110.

Halama, P. (2003) On the relationship between religiosity and life meaningfulness. Archive for the Psychology of Religion, 24, 218-233.

Halama, P. (2002) From establishing beliefs through pursuing goals to experiencing
fulfilment: Examining the three-component model of personal meaning in life. Studia Psychologica, 44, 2, 143-154.

Halama, P. (2000) Dimensions of life meaning as factors of coping. Studia Psychologica, 42,4, 339-350

Halama, P. (1999) Snyder's Hope Scale. Studia Psychologica, 41, 4, 329-332.

Book chapter:

Halama, P. (2014) Meaning in Life and Coping: Sense of Meaning as a Buffer Against Stress. In: Batthyany, A., Russo-Netzer, P. (Eds.) Meaning in Positive and Existential Psychology (pp. 239-250). New York: Springer.

Halama, P. (2009) Research instruments for investigating meaning of life and other logotherapeutic constructs. In: Batthyany, A., Levinson, J. (Eds.) Existential psychotherapy of meaning. Handbook of logotherapy and existential analysis (pp. 415-444). Phoenix, Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, Inc.

Conference presentations:

Halama, P.: Maintaining meaning in old age. Personality and social factors. Paper at Invited symposium Well-being in Life-span Perspective, 13th European Congress of Psychology. Stockholm, 9-12 July, 2013.

Halama, P. Big five personality correlates of self-perceived decision making efficiency in health professionals. Poster na 16th European Conference of Personality Psychology. Trieste, July 10-14, 2012. Organizátor: European Association of Personality Psychology.

Špajdel, M., Halama, P. Misconceptions about psychology as a science and psychology as a profession among psychology students in Slovakia. Poster na konferencii Europlat 2012, European Psychology Learning and Teaching Conference, 28-30 June 2012, Vilnius University, Lithuania.

 Halama, P., Bieščad, M.: Comparison of sensitivity of CTT and IRT Approaches in measurement of psychotherapy Change. Poster at The 12th European Congress of Psychology. Istanbul, July 04-08, 2011.

 Halama, P., Špajdel, M.: Outcomes of Bologna Process Implementation in Slovakia: Reflection of University Teachers at Psychology Departments. Poster at 12th European Congress of Psychology. Istanbul, July 04-08, 2011.

Halama, P., Bakošová, K., Lesayová, L.: Perceived Stress and Meaning in Life in Young Adults and the Elderly: Moderating Role of Personality traits. Paper at 15th European Conference on Personality. Brno, Czech Republic, July, 20-24, 2010.

Halama, P., Bieščad, M. Item response theory analysis of the CORE-OM. Poster presented at 11th European Congress of Psychology ECP09. Oslo, Norway 7 – 10 July 2009.

Halama, P. Empirical approach to typology of religious conversion. Poster at the International Association for the Psychology of Religion Congress 2009. 23-27 August, Vienna, Austria.

Halama, P, Sabo, M.: Attachment and Religious Conversion: Does Attachment Style Shape the Process of Becoming Religious? Poster presented at the 14th European Conference on Psychology of Personality, Tartu, Estonia, July 16th – 20th, 2008.

Halama, P., Adamovová, L., Stríženec, M.: Factor structure of the Expressions of Spirituality Inventory in a Slovak sample. Poster at the International conference on spirituality. Prague, September 21-23, 2007.

Halama, P., Ruisel, I.: Patterns in big five personality structure: Are three classic personality prototypes replicable in Slovak NEO-FFI sample? Poster at 10th European Congress of Psychology, Prague, 3-6 July, 2007.

Halama, P., Lačná, M.: Personality change following religious conversion as perceived by converts and their close persons. Paper presented at the International Association for the Psychology of Religion Conference 2006, Leuven, Belgium, August 27-31, 2006.

Halama, P: Confirmatory factor analysis of Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale in a Slovak sample. Poster presented at the 13th European Conference on Psychology of Personality, Athens, Greece, July 22nd - 26th, 2006.

Halama, P., Timuľák, L.: Descriptive-interpretative research on development of life meaning of clients treated for addiction in community aftercare facility. Poster presented at the Joint Meeting of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, March 2-5, 2005, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Halama, P.: Which personality traits are related to sense of meaningfulness of life? Poster presented at the 12th European Conference on Psychology of Personality, Groningen, Netherlands, July 18th - 22nd, 2004.

Halama, P., Halamová, J.: Process of religious conversion in Catholic Pentecostal Movement: A qualitative analysis. Paper presented at The Psychology of Religion Conference, Glasgow, 28-31.8.2003.

Halama, P.: Meaning and hope – two determinants of positive life functioning. Poster presented at the First International Positive psychology Summit, Washington, D.C., October 3-6, 2002.

Halama, P.: On the relationship between religiosity and life meaningfulness. Paper presented at the XVIth Conference of the International Association for the Psychology of Religion: "Coping with Religion". Soesterberg, The Netherlands, September 28-30, 2001.

Halama, P.: Meaning of life and coping with frustration. Poster presented at the conference "Searching for Meaning in the New Millenium", Vancouver, Canada, 13-16 July, 2000

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